California Poppy Vase in progress

California Poppy Vase in progress

Hello! Welcome to my new ceramics page! I’ve been immersed in all things pottery for the past two and a half years - experimenting with clay bodies, hand building, wheel throwing, glazing, and decorative painting. I’ve been creating lots of pieces that I’m thrilled to finally offer for sale! All of my pottery pieces are one of a kind: hand-built, hand painted, and glazed by me. While I have done my best to ensure each piece is of the best quality, they all have little bits and spots that show their handmade nature. Each piece is entirely unique and perfectly imperfect.

If you’d like to see some of my process, check out my instagram page and my hashtag CS_Ceramics

I hope I have something that speaks to you, but if not, please check back again, soon! I will be adding new pieces as I make them.

Thank you!